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Where the big money lies.

There is more money in the living room than there is the kitchen and there is more money almost anywhere than in

my garden. I had some vazzzzes that stuck to the kiln shelves from running glazes. With a lot farting about, cursing and loss of patience I finally broke the pots trying to get them off the kiln shelves. They were too nice to throw out so I am using them as garden art. So I smartened up and starting firing them on broken pieces of kiln shelf so if they did run I'd glaze the kiln shelf. The difference between craft and art. Craft you can piss in and art you can piss on. Now that German Shepard next door not only has my lawn to crap on but he now has a couple of porcelain fire hydrants to whizz on.
These two are beauties so I took and glazed the kiln shelf in my crackle glaze, sprinkled it with wood ash and fired it again.. Now I have a piece of Art. Worth way more than a vase and a lot more than my garden art.
Uncle Donny dropped by and named the piece for me " My n…

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