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Time wasted on you

Sore hand or not I have wood to prep for a wood firing next weekend with the Richmond Hill Potters Guild. I wonder in the 40 years I've been firing a wood kiln how much time I have wasted on you.
I could have downed a million beers in Mexico
Counted every piece of gravel on a long country road
Sailed that slow boat to China right up to the moon.
For all the time I've wasted on you.
This is a great song by Lori Mckenna.

imagine if someone laid that guilt trip on ya like I'm laying on the wood pile. I bitch and complain about the weather, the hard labour and the time I've wasted hauling, splitting, stacking and lugging the wood but the truth is I love hard work, being out side and the sense of accomplishment I get when the whole dang thing is done (which of course it never is).
If I could buy the town of Aylmer I bet you think I'd put in a trendy coffee shop, a blues bar, an upscale  bookstore and an amazing gallery. …

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