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So you want to be loose?

I don't think I'm very loose actually. People tell me I am but I don't see it actually. Today I told Dan I was going to tackle a coupe of sectional pots that I would be really invested in. The studio was empty today except for me and I was firing the electric reduction kiln and I was up and down like a toilet seat all day fiddling with it. I started some sections and scrapped them since I knew I was not in the zone. Dan and I have lots to do to get ready for a groundhog firing, a lecture and a workshop so I didn't want to have stuff to deal with. I threw some plates and bowls and dealt with them fresh off the wheel. It is impossible to be tight if you deal with clay fresh off the wheel.
I was also thinking about my doing my ole buddy Grass Hopper's eulogy at Nceca this year
and I was all into "Making Marks". For my money that was his best book of many gooduns.  On Instrgam today a good potter said he felt like he had a stick shoved up his arse after looki…

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