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My Disciples

I'm on the home stretch back to Canada with one more stop at NCECA in Pittsburgh, PA.
I'm preparing to present the eulogy for my ole friend Robin "Grass" Hopper on Thursday afternoon. I will check the time when I get there but I recall somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30. I've been almost 3 months from home so my already tardy admin skills are being taxed.
Grass was a performance artist that could pack the house. A group of 100+ was disappointing for him. I manage a group of about 16 winos on a good day. I have his Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers shirt and Diamond Lil hat- thanks Judi. Since it is St. Paddy's weekend I thought I'd add a bow tie and his signature Elton John glitter glasses.
Grass set me on this path about a decade ago. I owe him for this life alone in a hotel room. He told me once he taught so many more students than the average College prof. On this road trip I did a workshop at The Kiln Studio, Alabama, Brian Nettles Studio, Mississippi, Starw…

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